Eliza was born in El Paso, Texas to a grade-school teacher and a diesel mechanic.  Early on, she took to anything on wheels. This was probably due to growing up around so many tractors, semi-trucks, and her uncle’s 4WD trucks and three-wheelers.

She went from being the gofer, to wrenching on her uncle’s trucks, and by the time she was a junior in high school, she made the decision to enroll in the automotive technical school at Riverside high school.

After graduation, she enrolled at the University of Texas at El Paso as a Political Science and Communication major and landed her first full-time job as an apprentice at a local transmission shop.

Coming from a long line of tradesmen, Eliza’s family wanted her to work outside of the automotive world, but Eliza continued her passion for working as a tech through college.

After college, she moved to Washington, DC, and decided that work in public policy was not for her and moved back to Texas and back and to her real passion; the automotive field.

Throughout her career, she has held positions including a heavy line technician, bodyman helper, service writer, body shop estimator and auto insurance damage adjuster, and most recently a Co-host for XOR – Xtreme Off-Road: PowerNation TV viewable on Paramount, History, MBSCN channels.


Since given the opportunity to be on TV, Eliza saw that she had an opportunity to be an influencer for young women interested in the trades. She is passionate about young people learning the trades and more so, helping women stay in the trades. She has participated in several clinics and spoken to small groups to teach trade tricks, and has even presented as a guest speaker to answer questions and to talk about her experience.


Eliza has worked with many big names in the industry showcasing the how and why, and the best practices using their products. Want her to test your product and give a candid review? Contact her directly!

Offline Promotion:

  • Sampling product demos
  • Distributing marketing material
  • Sparking word-of-mouth
  • Increasing brand awareness by wearing branded apparel

Online Promotion:

  • Initiating online word-of-mouth
  • Sharing content (e.g. links, flyers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Creating reviews

Current collaborations: Duplicolor and Tread Lightly


Even before Xtreme Offroad, Eliza has always been comfortable in front of a crowd. She has MC’d for various events in El Paso including banked track roller derby bouts, city fundraisers like Race for the Cure, and other charitable events.

Eliza is always willing to share her experiences in the trades and help anyone who wants to join the automotive industry. She feels passionate about how trade work is for everyone who wants it. If you want an enthusiastic speaker that can motivate a group about welding, auto technology, or women in the trades, feel free to contact her about keynote speaking or MCing, promoting, radio interviews, news articles, or live tv appearances.


Eliza’s time in body shops, found her surrounded by many talented bodymen and fabricators. She learned firsthand from her co-workers and was able to showcase her abilities on Xtreme Offroad. She fabricated suspensions, roll cages, and other offroad-related gear such as rock guards, side, and rooftop tent racks.

She occasionally takes on special projects, so if you have any ideas you’re more than welcome to get a hold of her via email. She loves collaborations and new projects!


I-Car Certified – Works with various insurance companies and appraisal firms for diminished value claims, collision claims, catastrophe claims, and auction sales/buys.


Always willing to take on new projects, shoot her an email with your idea on how she can be the perfect fit for your brand!

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